The cuban actress Camila Arteche he asked his followers to “not panic” with the global pandemic of coronavirus and try to take advantage of the good thing about this situation, as they follow the indications of the authorities.

“I already know that these are difficult times, but just follow the advice of the health authorities and try to be at home, take advantage to spend time with the family, see good films or tv series, get out the board games, call the friends with whom long time no speak, study”, advised the artist.

Camila also advised to follow the information “from reliable sources” because the false statistics “only create stress in us.”

“I hope they serve you my suggestions, I want to and I am short. We’ll be FINE”, he concluded.

In Cuba have been confirmed up to this moment four cases of coronavirus: a man and two women, italians and a man from Villa Clara.

Many cubans are alarmed because the three tourists entered the country from Lombardy, the most affected region of Italy; the wife of the villaclareño is a bolivian citizen living in Milan, and the cuban government refuses to close the borders of the country.

Some public figures such as the popular actress Luisa María Jiménez have questioned in their networks this decision, because the borders are the main focus for the spread of the virus in the Island.

By Hrishikesh Bhardwaj in Play Crazy Games

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