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I am a young Cuban actress and television hostess. I was born in Havana in the 90s. I have been interested in acting since I was a child. After graduating from the National School of Arts of Cuba (ENA) at the age of 17, I performed my first professional job in the television series “Aquí Estamos”. Ever since, I have been working as an actress in Radio, Movie Films, television shows and in theater with Teatro El Público directed by Carlos Díaz and with Jazz Vilá Projects directed by Jazz Vilá. In the motion picture industry, I worked in films like “Sergio & Serguéi” and “El Acompañante” among others. With the roll of Lisandra, from “El Acompañante”, I won the Latin ACE Awards in New York as the best supporting roll. I also received awards in The MLC Awards, Canadian Cinematography Awards and in The International Short Films Festival in Torrelavega. During 2017 and 2018, I was the host of the popular Cuban reality show Bailando en Cuba. I was graduated from Adriana Barraza Acting Studio in Miami in 2020 where I also had the opportunity to be part of ArtTalks Theater Lab.

I have been an activist in defense of women’s rights and against harassment and gender violence for more than 3 years.

My career


  • 2022- WINNER Hollywood North Films Awards / Categoría: Mejor Actriz
  • 2021- WINNER Canadian Cinematography Awards / Best Actress.
  • 2021- WINNER Rome International Movie Awards / Best Supporting Actress
  • 2020- WINNER MLC Awards / Special Jury Mention Award.
    Categoría: Latino Individual Performance in It Comes from the Heavens
  • 2020-Nominee. Best Actress in a short film. Bucarest ShortCut Cinefest / International Film Festival.
    (It comes from the heavens)
  • 2019- Recognized as one of the top 10 influential Cuban artists published by Cibercuba and Cuballama Digital Magazines.
  • 2019- Nominee. Best Actress in a short film. Southern States Indie Fan Film Fest. Mississippi, United States.
    (It Comes from the Heavens)
  • 2018 – WINNER. Best actress in a short film. International Short Film Festival from Torrelavega, Spain. Awarded by the Actors Guild (It Comes from the Heavens).
  • 2018 – WINNER. Best Actress in a Short Film. Five Continent Film Festival. Venezuela (It Comes from the Heavens).
  • 2017 – WINNER. Best Supporting Actress. Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York (El Acompañante).
  • 2015 – Nominee. Best Actress. Caricato Awards. Cuba (Playa Leonora).
  • 2011 – Special Mention. Cuban Agency of Artistic Representation.
  • 2010 – WINNER. Best Actress. “Adolfo Llauradó” Award. Cuba (Aquí estamos).


  • 2021- Un pequeño corte / Dir. Mariana Serrano (Estados Unidos)
  • 2018- Latin love / Dir. Johan Nijhenhuis (Holland-Cuba)
  • 2018- Boxeadora / Dir. Oldren Romero (USA-Cuba)
  • 2017- La noche del monstruo / Dir. Renan Braga (Brazil-Cuba)
  • 2017- Sergio & Serguei / Dir. Ernesto Daranas (Cuba-USA-España)
  • 2016- It Comes from the Heavens Sucedió en el Cielo / Dir. Oldren Romero (USA-Cuba)
  • 2015- Bailando con Margot / Dir. Arturo Santana (Venezuela-Cuba)
  • 2015- El Acompañante / Dir. Pavel Giroud (Cuba-Francia)
  • 2012- Sin Alas / Dir. Ben Chace (USA-Cuba)
  • 2012- El hombre de las dificultades / Dir. Luis Alberto Lamata (Venezuela-Cuba)


  • 2019- Vivir del Cuento: La nueva vecina.(Comedy TV show) Dir. Nachi
  • 2017- 2018 Bailando en Cuba (Reality Show) / Dir. Manuel Ortega
  • 2016- Piña Colada (Television film)
  • 2015- U.N.O. (Police television series) / Dir. Alberto Luberta
  • 2013- Playa Leonora (Television series) Dir. Armando Toledo
  • 2011- Tras La Huella Case: Tu precio (Police television series) / Dir. Willy Franco
  • 2010- Dos toques para Roberto (Television film) / Dir. Magda González
  • 2009- Aquí estamos (Television Film) / Dir. Rafael Gonzales-Hugo Reyes
  • 2008- Tras La Huella Case Cabaret (Police television series) / Dir. Rolando Chiong
  • 2007- Sobran los motivos (Television film) /Dir. Marta Recio
  • 1998- Dando Vueltas (Childrens television show) / Dir. Magda González



  • 2022- Zorras / Dir Yusnel Suárez
  • 2021- Ellas, las de Gabo / Dir Neher Jackeline Briceños
  • 2021- Mi Robot Sexual / Dir. Alexis Valdés
  • 2020- Antes del desayuno en ArtTalks Theatre Lab / Dir. Neher Jackeline Briceños
  • 2018-2019 Farándula / Dir. Jazz Vilá
  • 2018- 2019 La historia no contada de Bailando en Cuba / Dir. Manuel Ortega
  • 2015- Eclipse / Dir. Jazz Vilá
  • 2015- BRUK, el último Troll / Dir. Jazz Vilá
  • 2015- Las Cuñadas / Dir. Jennifer Capraru
  • 2014- Rascacielos / Dir. Jazz Vilá
  • 2013- Kalhil Madoz / Dir. Anaysy Gregory
  • 2012- El Hombre que no estaba / Dir. Anaysy Gregory
  • 2011- Noche de Reyes / Dir. Carlos Díaz
  • 2010- Tango / Dir. Carlos Díaz
  • 2010- Sueño de una noche de Verano / Dir. Carlos Díaz
  • 2009- Cabaret Alemán / Dir. Carlos Díaz
  • 2009- El Otro Cuarto / Dir. Carlos Díaz

“Ser una actriz empoderada es tener clara la responsabilidad de qué hacer y decir con tu carrera. Descubrir que la elección de crecer está en tus manos y en el trabajo diario. Es elegir los proyectos con humildad y en consecuencia con tus valores. Saber que la fortaleza está dentro de ti.”


  • 2019- Activist in the Cuban campaign Evoluciona against gender violence, harassment and in defense of women’s rights.
  • 2018 – Host of the First Salsa Festival in Mexico
  • 2018 – Host of Gilberto Santa Rosa’s concert in Cuba
  • 2017 – Host of the gala “Canto a la Vida” for HIV and Human Rights.
  • 2017 – Host of the gala for the 55th Anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Radio and TV
  • 2015-2017 – Host of Cabaret Habana Cafe, Hotel Melia Cohiba
  • 2012-2016 – Host of Cabaret Tropicana
  • 2014 – Host of the Gala “Hair Stage” from Davines
  • 2013 – Assistant director from the play “No te Muevas” (“Don’t Move”)
  • 2010 – Image of the work “Cecilia” by Golgota
  • 2009 – Image of the exhibit ARTEHABANA and Lauros



  • 2002-2004 Buenos días personita (Radio show) Radio Ciudad de la Habana
  • 1999-2001 Cuenta con nosotros (Radio show) / Radio C.O.C.O.


  • Graduated from Adriana Barraza Acting Studio in Miami
  • Graduated from the National School of Arts of Cuba.
  • Workshop, Contemporary Dance / Prof. Isabel Bustos
  • Workshop Masks (Chilean Theater Group “La Mancha”
  • Workshop of Popular Dance at the Cuban Television Ballet

"Camila Arteche has it all to become the queen of show hosting (...) great diction, even better pronunciation, and gorgeous on stage"

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‘Sergio and Sergey’: Film Review

‘Sergio and Sergey’: Film Review
Loosely based on the remarkable story of a Cuban radio ham and a stranded cosmonaut, Ernesto Daranas’ globe-spanning follow-up to ‘Behavior’ took best script honors at the recent Havana Film Festival of New York.


‘Sergio and Sergey’: Film Review

‘Sergio and Sergey’: Film Review

‘Sergio and Sergey’: Film Review
Loosely based on the remarkable story of a Cuban radio ham and a stranded cosmonaut, Ernesto Daranas’ globe-spanning follow-up to ‘Behavior’ took best script honors at the recent Havana Film Festival of New York.

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